This week, we’re paying a visit to Kennedys Custom Cycles in Oceanside. Kennedys was founded in 1986 by Bill, Mike and Pat Kennedy who absolutely loved motorcycles. They specialize in Harley Davidson sales and global exports. They Serve the San Diego area and all of Southern California’s sales, parts and service needs.

Today, Mike and Bill run the shop together and call themselves a “Dinosaur Shop” because they do things “old school”. But the truth is, they have real culture at Kennedys. Besides being a cool biker hang out, they do things like focusing on quality customer service, a belief in genuinely helping people, and being committed to the Oceanside Community.

For example, owning a bike requires work! It’s also not safe or smart to neglect maintenance. You need to keep your bike roadworthy. So if you’re on the road, and you need to make a quick repair, or you can’t afford to have one of Bill’s guys look at it, yet you don’t know how to make the repair, you can go grab a tool from the toolbox at Kennedys and it’s common for one of Kennedy’s regular customers to actually show you how to do it your own!

Kennedys is a brotherhood and that’s what makes it such a powerful business and amazing place to visit. This belief in family extends out to the community embracing everyone it comes in contact with. The Kennedys are very active in the local community, they work with some great organizations such as:

The March of Dimes

Veterans Benefit called Ride, Strive, & Roll.

The Wounded Warriors

Assisting local Service Members with with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

The Annual St Patrick’s Day Party, which benefits Veterans

As well as many other Motorcycle Charity events!

At Kennedys they’re very committed in building a bridge of communication between all motorcyclists, and bring everyone together because when you bring people together, you can do amazing things. 

So if you have a bike that needs some work, or need some new parts. Or you want to buy a Harley Davidson. Come check out Kennedys!